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Green Deal and Microgeneration

All new buildings have to meet stringent new environmentally-friendly or ‘green’ criteria in terms of their insulation and energy requirements (both for heat and hot water generation) with a view to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the modern household. Moreover, with rocketing fuel prices and driven by issues surrounding climate change, more and more homeowners are interested in energy efficiciency and renewable energy options.

These sectors are supported by important government initiatives and standards designed to protect the homeowner from 'rogue' tradesmen.  Additionally, both the microgeneration and energy efficiency led schemes have financial incentives to help assist homeowners with installation costs.  To qualify you must use an appropriate MCS or Green Deal approved contractor and as ELECSA is authorised to operate both schemes, we can help you find a contractor.

What's the Green Deal?

The Green Deal has been introduced because collectively, homes and businesses across the UK annually waste approximately £3 billion of energy.

It is the centrepiece of the Government’s 2011 Energy Bill and means that householders and businesses can now make energy-saving improvements to their properties - by staggering payments through their existing energy bills. In the case of rented accommodation, the landlord must seek the permission of the tenant before signing up to the Green Deal and vice versa.

The Energy-saving improvements included in the Green Deal are:

  • insulation – e.g. loft or cavity wall insulation
  • heating
  • draught-proofing
  • double glazing
  • renewable energy technologies – e.g. solar panels, renewable heat pumps or wind turbines
For more information on Green Deal go to the government website: www.gov.uk/greendeal

What is Microgeneration?

Microgeneration is about small scale heat and energy production and involves technologies such as solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and heat pumps.  Some financial incentives are available which has made it more attractive to self generate your own energy.

For more information about microgeneration go to www.microgeneratiocertification.org