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Promoting the Electrical Safety Register

The Electrical Safety Council has launched a campaign to promote the Electrical Safety Register to private landlords. The campaign aims to remind landlords of their obligations for electrical safety and promote the ESR as the place to find a registered electrician.

To back up the campaign, the ESC carried out some consumer research, asking landlords and tenants how much they knew about responsibilities for electrical safety, and any related penalties. Alarmingly, nearly half of all landlords and tenants don’t know who has responsibility for electrical safety in rented homes! And a fifth of landlords do not think there are any fines for failing to maintain adequate electrical safety!

The ESC’s campaign has generated a lot of coverage and you may have seen or heard some of it on Sky News Sunrise, on your local BBC radio station or in your local press.

The media campaign is being followed up by advertising and marketing directly to landlords.