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Building Regulations Update

Important changes to Part P took effect on 6 April 2013, most notably a reduction in the range of notifiable work and the provision to allow a registered third party to certify notifiable work.

Under the revised regulations, electrical work undertaken in kitchens (such as adding a new socket) or outdoors (such as installing a new security light), electric floor heating, ELV lighting and central heating controls are no longer notifiable unless a new circuit is required. This means less work will have to be notified.

Work in special locations is still notifiable but the definition of a special location has changed.

Installing electrical equipment in dwellings or associated land and buildings is still within the scope of Part P but it is only notifiable if it fits into the new notifiable categories.

The new Part P has also made provision has been made to allow notification through the use of a registered third party. A suitable system for third party certification has yet to be defined and issues around warranty, insurance, legal and contractual liabilities still need to be resolved. We will keep you updated on this as soon as we have more information.

The changes to Part P apply in England only, since Building Regulations responsibility has been devolved in Wales and the Welsh Government is maintaining the previous Building Regulations.

For more information on what is notifiable where or to download the new Approved Document P, visit the Part P scheme section of the website.