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Technical requirements for Qualified Supervisors

ELECSA and NICEIC have hit back at misleading claims about the new technical requirements for Qualified Supervisors, and are reassuring contractors’ fears about the qualifications necessary to be eligible for registration.

As of 6th April this year the technical competence requirements, as set out by the Electrotechnical Assessment Specification Management Committee (EAS), changed for proposed Qualified Supervisors.

A new “Level 3” requirement was developed and introduced for anyone wanting to apply to become a Qualified Supervisor after April 5th. Prior to its implementation a spate of articles appeared in the media saying the new qualification made it harder to gain certification and urged contractors to apply before the deadline so they could “sidestep” the new requirements.

We want to let contractors know that this is definitely not the case. The new qualification was designed to produce safer working practices within the industry and those with the relevant experience and technical competence really have nothing to fear.

To help contractors understand the new requirements ELECSA and NICEIC have produced a handy flowchart to explain the different routes a contractor can take to registration.

The factsheet can be downloaded here.