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Stand out from the crowd with a professional video

Release Date: 26/08/2016

 ELECSA are offering contractors the chance to boost their business with a personalised video promoting registered electricians.

 Earlier this year ELECSA launched its first ever TV and online commercial. The Cage was a 30 second film highlighting the hidden dangers of electricity in the home and the importance of using a registered electrician.

Contractors can now have their own tailored copy of The Cage to include their company name and details. The film can then be used on a website or as part of a marketing strategy to promote their business to more customers.

A representative at ELECSA said: “Video content is now one of the most effective ways of marketing a business.

“However, electricians are generally very busy people and finding time to create a film which tells customers who they are and what they do is both time consuming and costly.

“We want to help them by providing a ready-made professional film which will mark out their business as professional and generate more opportunities.”

Contractors looking to create their own film simply have to log into the portal at http://www.thecagetvdownload.co.uk/ using their existing ELECSA registration details.

They then supply some simple information which they would like to feature on the commercial, which is created instantly to download. The cost of the film is £60.

The film can then be used on company websites, shared on social media or emailed off to prospective clients at the click of a button.

“The ELECSA brand is already been proven to win our contractors more work and this is just another way of utilising modern technology to help our registrants stand out from the crowd.”