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Electrical Industry Unite to Protect Consumers

Release Date: 22/01/2014

NAPIT and Certsure, which operates the ELESCA and NICEIC brands, are to take the next step in providing a single point of reference for consumers seeking an electrician. They will create one easily identifiable mark for all full scope Part P registered electricians, easily recognisable by consumers, supported by a single register. 
12 months ago Certsure and NAPIT created separate registers to promote the use of competent, registered electricians to consumers. The intention of both organisations was to help simplify the market and raise public awareness about the dangers of sub-standard electrical repairs and installations. 
Both organisations have seen significant consumer interest; however, they are concerned that the attention given to the registers since their launch has proven a distraction from key issues in the industry such as safety and quality. In order to overcome this NAPIT and Certsure met in the autumn to discuss a new way forward for promoting the use of competent, registered domestic electricians to consumers. 
“By taking this approach, consumers will benefit from a single point of reference, and it will be far easier to find a competent registered electrician in their local area. It is envisaged that the mark will sit alongside all electrical Competent Person Scheme Operators brands, and serve as a easily identifiable mark for consumers giving them confidence in their decision. In turn, responsible contractors will benefit from further promotion in recognition of their commitment to Approved document P and ensuring high standards”, commented  Certsure.  
“Along with Certsure, we have recognised that the presence of two registers was not the best way of improving consumer awareness of competent, registered electricians, which has always been our end goal. The new register will ensure consumers have just one name and one easily recognisable mark to remember, but it will also ensure that electrical installers continue to be able to take advantage of the choice and value for money that comes as part and parcel of healthy competition in the marketplace”, commented NAPIT. 
It is anticipated that the proposal will include all licensed Electrical Competent Person Scheme Operators in England and Wales who are approved by DCLG to run an electrical certification scheme. 
The proposal has been discussed with all full scope electrical Competent Person Scheme Operators, who are in principle happy with the plans. 
The schemes will continue to operate within the current Building Regulations framework and promote their own brands jointly with the new quality mark to raise awareness of competent registered electricians to householders. 
NAPIT and Certsure met with Stephen Williams MP, Minister for Communities who commented: “I am very pleased with the collaborative approach taken by Certsure and NAPIT, which has led to the promise of a simple, easily identifiable mark for use by all registered electricians under the competent persons scheme. I hope the speedy creation of a single mark under one register will make it easier and clearer for households to find a competent, registered electrician from their local area.”