Release Date: 15/11/2019


Online certification is now six years old. Over this time there have been regulation changes two amendments and a new edition to BS7671 17th Edition, BS5839 Part 1 in 2013 and BS5839 part 6 in 2013. Over the last 18 months users have been transitioning to a more modern system with all the current certificates available.

From the 30th November 2019 support for these forms will end so that we can focus our investment on supporting newer forms and great new experiences.

PDF’s of all finalised certificates will still be available. BS7671 17th edition and BS5839 draft certificates that have been created after January 2017 will still be available until the end of March 2020, however we will be unable to help should any issues arise with these forms after 30th November.

What does end of support mean?

The online certification team will not be able to support any requests to fix an issue with BS7671 17th edition, BS5839 part 1 or BS5839 part 6 forms.

What should I do?

We recommend that you finalise any draft forms before the 30th Nov 2019.

Synchronise any draft forms on the current offline app to the online certification system.

What happens if I continue to use the older form?  

You will still have access all the finalised pdf’s and can search for these using the correct filters in the search area.

BS7671 17th edition, BS5839 part 1 or BS5839 part6 forms in draft status will be editable and can be finalised until the end of March 2020 but at users’ own risk after 30th November 2019

Will Online Certification still be supported?

Yes, online certification will continue to have a dedicated team answering calls and replying to tickets for BS7671 18th edition BS5839 part 1 2017, BS5839 part 6 2019 and BS5266 part 1 2011

Can I move old forms to the current versions?

Unfortunately this feature is not available. Users can save pdfs’ of forms in the draft status if the certificate cannot be finalised before these key dates and then manually re-key the data into a new form

How will the end of support affect certificates created and edited on my offline app?

BS7671: 2015 3rd amendment has been replaced with the 18th edition from January 2019. We cannot push updates to the current app and users should stop using this app as we cannot recover any data lost during the synchronisation to the Online version.

Finally if you need further support on the 18th Edition Certificates outside of the above, please contact the Online Certification and Support hotline on 0333 015 6630. Alternatively click on the support section of Online Certification once you have logged in.