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The Wire

Keep your technical 'toolbox' in tip-top condition with The Wire, our successful webinar series.

Free and exclusive to our registered contractors, the series covers the current topics. Designed to provide the knowledge you need to remain ahead of the curve, these in-depth technical seminars are delivered by industry-leading experts and are CPD accredited.

Don't delay, check out the calendar today and ensure your skillset is in perfect working order.

Introducing our latest installment - EICR coding clinic

Ever been faced with a job which leaves you wondering which box to tick? Introducing the WIRE's all-new segment, the NICEIC and Elecsa's 'coding clinic'.

Once a month our experts will examine your real-life scenarios and discuss the appropriate EICR coding.

If you would like us to feature your query, head over to our social channels now using one of the below links. Once here simply upload your images along with a brief overview of the scenario and your picture could feature in our next coding discussion.



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EICR Coding clinic. Episode 4 | Live date 04.11.20 | register here

Fault finding techniques | 18.11.20 | 20.00 - 20.40 | register here
EICR Coding clinic. Episode 5 | 02.12.20 | 20.00 - 20.40 | register here

Previous webinars on demand

Previous webinars include, AFDDs explained, SPDs, RCDs types and testing, EICR coding in line with the 18th edition and BS 5839-6. To view these on demand, log into your customer portal.

ELECSA registered contractors can click here.