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Qualifications and Training

With the ongoing changes in the electrical industry and the development of green technologies there is a massive drive for both updating electrotechnical skills as well as learning new skills to support the low carbon economy.

There is a wide choice of training facilities and options available.  Finding the time for training is difficult and often contractors will worry whether the course they are doing is the right one for them.  In selecting your course, consider the following points carefully:
1.  Be honest about where you feel your current skills and knowledge is.  It's no good doing a short course thinking it'll save you time and money if you come out of the course with no greater level of understanding.
2.  Ensure that the qualifications are fully transportable in the industry by being nationally recognised.  Check your training providers credentials with the OFQUAL (www.ofqual.gov.uk), if its not recognised, it's not worth having!
3.  Remember that the classroom is not real life!  Practical work experience is critical in developing all round knowledge